The characteristics of the business


The “Campo di Grano” franchising offers two affiliation formats:

• Small (Focacceria only)

The supply of the semifinished products for the Focaccia is guaranteed by the brand.

This format is intended for those who consider a traditional enterprise a source of security for their own business and rejoice in dedicating their focus exclusively onto the preparation of bakery products. The guarantee of genuine raw materials is self-evident for us. It is furthermore an opportunity for the affiliate to attract all the customers that love traditional products or wish to get a quick snack without denying themselves the pleasures of the palate.

The Focaccia is perfect for lunch breaks and there is also pizza by the slice, savoury tarts and rich sandwiches made of bread as well as Focaccia.

• Classic (Focacceria and Caffetteria)

There is also the possibility to open a shop expanding it with a cafeteria. This format serves as an upgrade of the traditional bakery.

An oven 2.0 that innovates the traditional concept and goes beyond that of an Italian bar.

This format refers to those who understand the competition on the market and wish to add the benefits of an extra division to their bar in order to differentiate their offer from that of others. It’s a modern business model in which the customer is offered high quality products to take away and also offered a space to stay and have breakfast or get a cup of tea together with a tasty snack straight from the oven.

The Focacceria-Cafè becomes a meeting point for people, emotions and conversations and a place to share “something good”. And one of the best moments for sharing these pleasures apart from breakfast and lunch is surely the “aperitivo hour” with our mixed snacks made of Focaccia, pizza and other delights.



Panificio Pasticceria "Campo di Grano"
Via Malocello, 51 - 17019 Varazze (SV)


Corso Italia 73r Savona (SV)