Excellence, tradition and experience.


"Campo di Grano" springs from the twenty years of baking experience of its founders, Laura Pavesi and her husband Fabrizio Puggelli, together with their daughter Alice Puggelli.

Artisan baking as well as the focus on the use of raw materials and high quality ingredients  form the basis for the brand's mission.
Our passion and our way of working have received significant acknowledgements, including the "Migliore Focaccia Genovese" ("Best Focaccia Genovese") in 2007 granted by the Bakers' Association of Genoa for our Focaccia, which is our undeniable key strength.

Our Focaccia Genovese is a plant-based product made of a thin dough, similar to that of bread, with simple ingredients (flour, water, malt, brewer`s yeast, salt and olive oil), whose genuineness and purity together with the special rising process and the skilled artisan making guarantee the particular aroma that makes it so unique.

The preparation of the Focaccia is easily replicable after only a few days of training, even though it is prepared according to an old recipe kept secret, and is sold worldwide.

The "Campo di Grano" franchising is offered for an entrance fee of € 4,900 excluding VAT, royalties of 3% from the 2nd year onwards (with a minimum of € 350 per month, excluding VAT) and an initial investment for the setting-up and the equipment of ca. € 800/900 per m².
A proven business model which allows a recovery of the investment from the first year onwards.

These features don't make "Campo di Grano" just a simple business, but a real project, a "mission" full of affection and passion for the tradition as well as good food.

Our Focaccia Genovese has its own identity, a personality and this is what we wish to communicate towards the clients; and this is what we wish to communicate to those who choose to share this route with us.