From bakery to cafeteria


The first great strength lies in the product itself: the traditional Focaccia Genovese.

Besides that there is pizza, bread and other baked goods to accompany the highlight for the "traditional customer" and to offer at the same time a wide range of choices for all the customers at our shops.

Also the confectionary division is important of course: Pastries, tarts, pies and the famous, traditional Ligurian "Baci di Dama" ("Lady's Kisses"), which are appreciated worldwide. The preparation of these is part of the brand's guaranteed know-how and is the second flagship product which characterizes our business model.

The quality of the products offered by our brand is certified and its condition is essential in order to start the business.

The product categories range from the "Focacce Farcite" (Focaccia stuffed with fresh tomatoes, onions, ham, cream and seasonal vegetables etc.) to pizza topped with vegentables, cheeses (gorgonzola, scamorza and stracchino), ham, cured meats, etc.

All of this can be accompanied by fine Ligurian wine, beer, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.
The format provides constant counselling for marketing operations, which is essential in order to advertise the great quality of the products and the offers as part of the business model in order to guarantee an increase of sales. The visibility will be guaranteed through digital marketing and social media marketing.

"Campo di Grano" offers not only its special recipes and its semifinished products to their affiliates, but also an artisan culture when it comes to the baking procedure. That is because we strongly believe that the quality of our products doesn't stem from the best ingredients only but also from the awareness of one's work.


focaccia semilavoratoThis product has been studied and developed by "Campo di Grano" according to the real Genoese recipe for the Focaccia in order to recreate the historical quality and authenticity.
The careful selection of raw material of highest quality and the twenty-year experience of Fabrizio made it possible that our Focaccia got awarded "Best Focaccia" by the Bakers' Association of Genoa in 2007.